Episode 3 – Anniversaries & Watching Movies

Sorry for the delay in getting this episode out. Lizzie caught a terrible cold and then came down with a horrendous stomach bug!

In this episode…

  • We chat about Karen Gillan’s first feature length film, The Party’s Just Beginning
  • It seems to have polarised the critics as there’s both good and less favourable reviews. We are keen to see it, but are worried that the content is too graphic & crass for survivors of suicide loss to watch?
  • Lizzie shares her own tips for getting through anniversaries, and discusses how they have been for her over the years
  • The resource is a page from a now defunct website called 1000 Deaths which lists movies with suicides in along with a rating system for content detail. Using this and a page on Wikipedia you will be able to plan which movies are safe to watch and which ones you’d like to avoid.

NB: The blog posts about anniversaries mentioned in this episode can be found here.

The music in the podcast is Write My Name by Mega Beats.

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The next episode is coming on 11th March.

Our guest will be Susan Auerbach who is a double survivor of suicide loss – she lost her father in the 80s and her son Noah in 2013.