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New episodes are uploaded whenever I have time, hopefully one per month! The most recent episode can be found >>here<<

You can only listen to the most recent episodes via this website for the time being. I’m hoping to get all episodes of the show up and running on smartphone apps very soon.

If you want to find a podcast on a specific topic (e.g. dealing with anniversaries) or search for a loss similar to yours (a sibling, parent, child, friend etc.) then click on the relevant category tag on the left hand menu. Scroll to the bottom if you’re reading on a mobile. More tags will be added with each episode.

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Many people who are grieving have a complicated relationship with food. Some find they can barely eat at all. Others eat too much in comfort and cannot stop. All of us will have experienced moments where your energy is so low you can’t prepare or buy food at all.

So in episode 8 our guest will be a nutritionist who will share some tips to deal with these issues and tell us about the best foods to boost our energy and mood.

How is your relationship with food at the moment? Do you have any tips for when you can’t eat or don’t have the energy to prepare meals? If so please get in touch and I can read them out on the show.


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4 thoughts on “Welcome: Start Here

    • Dear Lyn, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. I think connecting with others who went through the same kind of bereavement can be very helpful. The grief can be so different depending on who has died and what their relationship is to you. There are lots of closed groups on Facebook that you could join. Just search for terms like ‘survivor of suicide loss’, ‘suicide bereavement’, or ‘losing a child to suicide’.

      Another option is this online forum: https://losingachildtosuicide.org.uk/new-support-forum/

      I haven’t yet managed to find anyone who has lost a daughter to feature on the podcast but I am still looking so I can try to help people like you.

      With best wishes x


  1. Thanks Lizzie and well done. My main thought when my grandson of 16yrs committed suicide was that surely something good had to come out of it, so we all need to focus on the positive and look forward, not backward, which doesn’t mean that we forget them.


    • Dear Glenys, Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear about your grandson. I agree that looking to the future doesn’t in any way mean that we forget our loved ones! I think a lot of people who have been left behind feel determined that something good has to come from it – and that helps them find meaning and move forward. I think that’s why so many people go on to do things like start a charity, fundraise, write a book, campaign, become closer with their remaining family. etc. etc. with best wishes, x


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